Monday, 24 January 2011

Cup Cake Heaven

Little pixie face and I had the house to ourselves yesterday. Eldest was at a karate competion getting thrashed :(  son was at a rugby game scoring his first try :) so cake-making was the order of the day. A big batch of orange cup cakes were made ( they don't last long in our house), then carefully iced:

Then came the difficult decision of which to eat first

Thea declared it the best day ever.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

One Month Since Last Post

And time marches on! I know exactly where it's gone- nursing children with flu interpersed with having it myself. From two days before Christmas I was imprisoned in my house, surrounded by germs. I felt like daubing blood-coloured paint on my lintels and shouting out 'Unclean!' every time someone knocked at the door. Poor little pixie face was so poorly she couldn't open her presents on Christmas Day. The other two had already had the bug and had been coughing for weeks, but still came down with it again. It seems so much worse being ill at Christmas- the only upside was being able to avoid some family commitments. Anyway, I find the longer I'm away from blogging, the less I feel like starting it up again. I feel like I should have something awesome to say after a month's silence, but sorry to disappoint- I haven't. I'm feeling a bit better this week and I'm back into creating after weeks of lying around watching TV. Sadly I didn't get any Christmassy pics to show you wich is a shame 'cause this year's cake and wreath (joint effort between pixie face and me) were lovely.
At least I managed to complete all my artwork and jewellery that had been commissioned for Christmas, I only have a picture of a portrait I'd been asked to do:

I don't know if the recipient was pleased with it, but the sender was.

A couple of new items going into my Folksy shop:

I'm really into the combination of silver and copper at the moment.