Thursday, 10 March 2011

Does My Everything Look Big In This?

My Purple Pointy Jumper made from this yarn:

which was frogged from a charity shop bargain, has been taking shape both in my head and on my needles. It was nearing completion, I had only to finish the neck and crochet around the bottom and sleeves. I dutifully sewed it up and tried it on:
It's HUGE!
Well, to be more precise, I'm huge in it. I have the misfortune to be well endowed with relatively small hips. If I wear anything baggy it hangs from the cliff top which is my bust like a plumb line and makes the rest of me look as big as my bust- eeek!
So although I liked the design, I've turned right around and frogged it again. Watch this space for what I attempt to knit next with it.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Perils of Joining a Knitting Group

A recent addition to our local community is a renovated victorian factory complete with creative spaces and a gallery ( I think I mentioned it previously here). Someone that I know told me that she was starting up a knitting group and wondered if I was interested which of course I was. The trouble is because my eldest two are involved in activities on Thursdays, we parents are taxi-ing or baby sitting with no room to spare. So despite it finishing past her bed time, I decided pixie face would have to come with me. The consequence? We have both become obsessed with all things knitting and crochet related. Along we trot with our knitting every Thursday, purchase our hot chocolates and sit with an interesting and eclectic mix of knitters of varying ability. It's really great to see teenagers dragged along, reluctantly learning to knit and then seeing them well and truly hooked (albeit keeping it quiet from their friends).
Now last year I vowed to work through my stash to produce more clothes. Well I have been working through my stash, but it seems utter madness to deny myself the chance of buying new yarn- particularly that of the bargain variety. My first temptation that I freely gave into was at the Greenlight Festival in Leicester- an event aimed at sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. I hadn't anticipated wool for sale, but there was a lady selling this beauty:

It's Manos Del Uruguay.
Spun and dyed by a women's cooperative in Uruguay, even signed by the woman who produced it. This was the most expensive yarn I've ever bought at £10.50, but going to a good cause. trouble is I'm too scared to knit with it, so it's living on the mantlepiece at the moment so I can admire it and squeeze it each day- sad I know.
Then this week, being a fan of Kemps Wool Shop, I couldn't help myself, I succumbed to this gorgeous organic mix of 70% wool, 30% alpaca:

An absolute bargain at £2.50 a skein! And of course to make the postage costs worthwhile, I ordered 16 skeins- just need to find somewhere to stash them for now...