Wednesday, 10 November 2010

When Even a Cup of Tea Won't Do

We've been struck down with a cold virus ( of course to the men in the family it's the 'flu). Luckily I've a cupboard full of homemade remedies which are easing us through our illness. I've discovered a fantastic liquid remedy quite by accident. On Saturday I had a stall at a new arts and craft fair which was to be quite a big deal and of course I was developing the lurgy and felt dreadful- even a good strong cup of tea held no appeal! So I filled my flask with boiling water, half a lemon sliced and a few cm of ginger root also sliced. Topped off with a generous slug of rosehip syrup, it infused throughout the setting up and initial flurry of excitement. Just before the doors opened, I poured myself a cup of the infusion to mask the menthol eucalyptus smell from my throat sweets and it was so soothing- the sweetest tasting medicine ever. Well, I've been adicted ever since- it got me through that day and all my jobs in the following days.
The fair was a reasonable success, this beauty sold before I had chance to list it on Folksy:

It was made by pouring molten silver into water. I absolutely loved it and didn't expect it to sell ( yes I was hoping to keep it for myself). But someone I know bought it, so at least I get to visit it occasionally.
 The artwork I'd finished didn't sell, but I wasn't surprised, this was in Hinckley after all- not exactly known for its appreciation of fine art. The linocut reduction worked well:

And the plain linocut looks good too. I can't decide which I prefer;

For now, I'm continuing to list stuff on Folksy and am toying with the idea of adding prints to my Folksy range. So many ideas, so little time (and energy; cough, cough)

These now available here

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