Tuesday, 30 November 2010

(Only Just) In Time For The Snow

I've been busy making myself a new coat for the winter. It was supposed to have been made about 3 years ago, but I kept putting it off, sure I'd make a mess of it. Well, at the end of last winter I donated my old coat to a worthy cause which kind of forced my hand to produce something. I wanted a cross between a great coat ( think male outerware in Tess of the D'Urbervilles and Wuthering Heights) and a woman's 1940s style coat, but couldn't find a suitable pattern so had to adapt what I had and make bits up. Here she is:

Complete with paisley lining

and handmade ceramic buttons from dotterypottery on Folksy. They were a bit lighter in colour than they looked on the website, but they look just fab and look at how they arrived complete with a little thankyou card:

I love buying handmade!

I had to finish it for today as it was my Grandmother's funeral and I didn't want to go wearing my camping coat. Nanny always wore high heels and a hat whenever she went out, so I couldn't turn up to see her off in any shabby old thing. I think she'd have been pleased.


dotterypottery said...

Wow - what an amazing coat! I'm so glad that you like the buttons.

Cathy said...

Hi Tammy. Sorry to hear about the lurgy. Our family have had a visitation too but mine was only mild thank goodness. Love the coat and those great buttons. I tried to make a coat once but it is harder than you think. I decided to leave it to the experts after that but yours is great. Glad to hear you had some luck at the craft fair. Liked the comment about Hinckley..lol. The linocut is really nice and graphic. Have a good week.

Felted House said...

That looks a quality coat - yes I think your Grandmother would have been pleased. Well done for finishing it -I've got so many unfinished projects now - look forward to seeing you wearing it soon - it looks like a really good shape! xx

maggie said...

Hey girlie, your coat looks fabulous. xx