Thursday, 10 March 2011

Does My Everything Look Big In This?

My Purple Pointy Jumper made from this yarn:

which was frogged from a charity shop bargain, has been taking shape both in my head and on my needles. It was nearing completion, I had only to finish the neck and crochet around the bottom and sleeves. I dutifully sewed it up and tried it on:
It's HUGE!
Well, to be more precise, I'm huge in it. I have the misfortune to be well endowed with relatively small hips. If I wear anything baggy it hangs from the cliff top which is my bust like a plumb line and makes the rest of me look as big as my bust- eeek!
So although I liked the design, I've turned right around and frogged it again. Watch this space for what I attempt to knit next with it.


Twiglet said...

Its a lovely colour - better luck next time round.

Poppy Cottage said...


Not even just an inside jumper? All that work.

Hope apart from that you are having a good week.

Colette x

tammykingdon said...

I'm saving the sleeves, hoping they will go with whatever it turns into next!

Cathy said...

What a shame Tammy. The colour is gorgeous too. So much hard work but I hope its next reincarnation is better for you.

andamento said...

Looks like a lot of work went into that jumper so it's such a shame you don't like the fit, it's a gorgeous colour.

Yes, indeed they are Celtic sheepskin "baffies" (slippers) - well spotted! They're about 3 or 4 yrs old and they're fab (as I'm sure you'll agree!) I needed something with a cuff as I was getting draughts round my ankles (stripped floorboards, Victorian house, not as young as I used to be, etc). I think I'll ask Santa for a new pair next winter, wouldn't wear anything else now, different colour maybe though...