Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Anyone Off to the Beach?

If so, I've listed a new ring to help you get into the swim:

My Low Tide Ring made from pure silver imprinted with flotsam and jetsam, perfect for those mermaids amongst you listed here.

Also a pair of seaglass earrings, with more colours to follow, a bargain at £6:

And on the sea theme, the finished gansey:

And Pixie Face's very first finished object- she's very pleased with herself as you might be able to tell!

Enjoy your Easter whether by the sea or not.


Felted House said...

Love the ring, really reminds me of the beach, just as it is intended to do, last year I was poking about in the sand collecting shells! Fantastic knitting too, that must have taken ages - it really suits you xx

Cathy said...

Lovely jewellery Tammy. How lovely to get inspiration from the sea. The gansey is great too. My grandma used to call them ganseys. It used to make us "southern" kids laugh. Your daughter has the most exquisite hair by the way and she has done so well with her scarf. Looks warm and toasty.

tammykingdon said...

Thankyou both, the gansey has just had its first trip to the seaside. Yes, Cathy, her hair is lovely, fortunately none of my children have inherited my fine straight mousey hair!