Tuesday, 20 December 2011

It's Getting Closer..

Been very busy back and forth to the post office to send jewellery to their future homes. One very nice lady from the USA bought a ring which I had to send to a loved one in England. It was very weird writng a card to someone I didn't know saying 'I Love You', I felt quite privilieged and I thought it was a really ingenious way of doing your shopping for those in other countries. So the shop is emptying, I have a few bits I can list but I think the rush is over for a while. Found time to ice the cake tonight:

Not quite the work of art I had in mind but little pixie face insisted on helping and as I have a feeling she will fast grow into a replica of her recalcitrant 16 year sister, I'm enjoying these moments whilst they last.

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Felted House said...

I'm so pleased you have had good sales as your work is beautiful. I've barely finished feeding my cake (I think I may have 'fed' it too much, I had to make it really late on and keep pouring strong alcohol into it with no idea of the total quantity I've added). I will certainly not be attempting anything as fancy and snowy looking as yours. Hope your Christmas is harmonious and has some peace in it! xxxx