Saturday, 9 January 2010

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle

..The mantra on every thinking woman's lips. Having a large stash, as every creative should, if they can;  combined with persistently freezing weather and a distinct gap in my wardrobe, I decided to warm myself in more ways than one. I'm struggling to get back into the creative zone, so needed something that I could do in front of the fire sitting with the rest of the family (not painting or printmaking, my first loves). I decided to turn some of my stash into practical garments for THE BIG FREEZE. I made myself some fingerless mittens for wearing around the house, but they became a bit baggy and the arm bits kept falling down making me chilly. So, I made myself another pair and shaped them in at the wrist- lovely and snug!

Having knitted these on double pointed needles with 50g of wool bought in a sale, I then turned my attention to the other end of my body and have started knittng some socks with 60% wool yarn from Lidl - £2.99 for 200g- enough for 3 pairs of thick walking socks. Anyone who hasn't knitted 'in the round' with either circular needles or DPNs - don't feel inadequate, I'm a far from accomplished knitter and it really is quite easy (I'm not just saying that)

A really handy pattern with unique formula is found here

                             For anyone that followed an earlier post of a desire to make cushion covers out of charity shop bargain clothes :

   will be pleased to know I have thus far made a few, and a draught-      excluder along with further cushions is on my ever-expanding to do list

Although part of my plan was to reduce my stash, I can't resist a bargain (who can?), and I happened across a dreadful long cardi thing whose redeeming features were that it was
a) purple
                       b) 100% chunky wool
c) £3
So, I had to buy it & deconstruct it (unravel to you and me). I now have over 1100grams chunky pure wool, waiting for the right project to come along:



Fairysteps said...

That chunky yarn is a bargain and I cant wait to see what you do with it!!! Happy knitting!
The gloves are beautiful and I daresay much needed at the mo! Ren x

Felted House said...

Your mittens look great in the photo - I tried to crochet some last night using no pattern and the end of a ball of wool, and ran out of wool an inch from the top of the second one! Not sure I'll ever manage a sock though although I'm quite tempted to try, and thank you for the pattern link, perhaps I'll go to Lidl and see what there is, although I shouldn't be allowed any more wool in my stash! x

Cathy said...

Goodness, you have been busy. Love the mittens. Knitting is definitely not my strong point but I love handknitted and woolly things. What a great idea to recycle that cardi. There is one thing about drawing and painting - you don't tend to get a stash.

tammykingdon said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. The mittens are getting plenty of use at the moment. No overflowing drawer filled with bargain paper, pencils and paints Cathy? Oops, just me then!