Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow Induced Play

Well I'm back! I had fully intended to continue blogging over the Christmas period, but the festivities and snow meant I was too busy living life to document it. I hope you all had just as much fun & my hat goes off to all of you who managed to keep us informed and entertained with your blogs - I am ashamed (well, almost). My Christmas present was a shiny new (to me, of course it was second-hand) digital SLR camera. Eventually I may be able to post some professional-looking photos on my blog. just give me a year or two to figure out how everything works : yes, all the gear, no idea. I have been able to take some images of what I've been doing during my absence.

Trips to the park with youngest pixie face who loves being photographed:

Walks in the woods:

Which quickly turned into a walk in a blizzard with subsequent ambush:

New Year's Eve with impromptu parody of 'Allelujia'

And then the snow and tremendous frosts...

And helping to push cars up our hill - no mean feat!

Happy New Year!


Felted House said...

These are fantastic pictures, I'm glad you're back blogging!
Where did you find the frost? (I do hope it wasn't on the inside of one of your windows!)

tammykingdon said...

I'm afraid it was. The lean-to though, so that's pracically outside isn't it. Ben's water bowl had frozen in there this morning!

Cathy said...

You must have had masses more snow than we have Tammy. We have about 6" all told and more threatened. Lovely photos and good luck with the camera. Mine is just a basic digital which I just use on auto - lazy I know.

tammykingdon said...

I don't think we've had as much snow as you, but it all came down in a short space of time for maximum disruption. I, too, am yet to get off auto- the manual will keep me entertained for months to come I'm sure!