Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The New Man in My Life

Well I succumbed to temptation. Just the thing for a troubled teenager's birthday on Sunday ( plus many years of trouble to come no doubt). I hatched a plot with my friend, a 5am start for me and this was the sight that met my number one daughter when she opened her eyes:

Meet Pablo
He comes complete with a mongrel's birth certificate ( sorry, PC term is cross breed- but look at those mongrel markings) . He's made up from black laborador, golden retriever, border collie & other little bits, so goodness knows what he'll end up like. He is, however, pouring oil on troubled waters and bringing much needed joy to a family in need.

I'm not sure if Benny Boy quite agrees:


Felted House said...

He's so gorgeous, can I come and meet him? I'm sure he'll turn out like his mum, who according to my sources is the nicest dog anyone could ever have (I think that was based somewhat on her willingness to participate in canoeing by getting in the boat!). I'm so pleased you have him and hope he brings a great deal of harmony. xx

Poppy Cottage said...

He looks totally lovely. There is just something about a pup. They give cuddles to everyone, especially the ones that really need it (but might not say they do!!)xx

Cathy said...

How gorgeous is that puppy. I would think the hardest heart in the world would fall in love. I love the way he is cuddling into your other dog's tail. I hope they eventually become good friends and help to ease troubles in the family Tammy.