Sunday, 26 September 2010

New Designs

I mentioned in my last blog entry that I had an idea for a new design of ring; well.. tada!

This silver ring with copper spirals is available here

Sticking with the copper theme, I made these chain-maille inspired earrings with embossed cross detail:

..which I think are cute.
However, when I came to make my star earrings, for some reason the tiny bit of silver solder I'd used seemed to multiply under the flame and flow everywhere! I'll just have to keep them for myself I think!

Any jewellers out there who know how to prevent this? Advice much appreciated.

By the way, find a nice crop of elderberries, because it's time to make this ready for those winter chills


Felted House said...

I like the stars! Surely one should pretend the effect was one's intention all along when things don't go according to plan?
Spiral ring is great and your shop's looking really good. xx

Moonheart said...

Lovely jewellery :)

andamento said...

The elderberry recipe sound a good idea, will take a bag for collecting next time I'm out. Also like the sound of that soup...