Friday, 22 October 2010

Let Winter Begin

Back in February (I can't believe it was THAT long ago) I mentioned the fact that I was decorating the lounge. In anticipation of cold draughts, we had the radiator moved from the bay window and onto an internal wall. Having the radiator under the window meant we had to have short curtains which looked ridiculous on a large Edwardian bay, and we must have lost loads of heat through the wall too. Having started the job, we naturally unearthed loads of things that needed attending to which is why it's taken so long to finish (actually, I still need to buy a nice big rug to hide my high quality but revoltingly patterned carpet; plus make cushion covers). The last job was making curtains and what a job! I settled on upholstery grade carbon chenille with heatsave linings. Now, each curtain measures 9ft x 9ft and boy are they heavy. At one point I couldn't even lift the fabric up to feed it through the sewing machine- then I realised it was because my little 'helper' was lying on it

It was only when I'd completed the first curtain that I realised our lovely new curtain pole would no way support it; so pause again while the window frame and pole received extra reinforcements. But now it's all finished just in time for the hard frosts we've had this week- the room is even tropically warm with just the log fire going- think of all that energy I'll be saving!

Onto more pleasureable creative activities: After a succesful sale the other weekend, I realised that having also sold pieces on Folksy and by word of mouth to acquaintances, my stock was now one third of its original size- Hurrah!
So more supplies were bought, new pieces designed and made and going into my shop here all ready for the Christmas rush.
A sneak preview of two new designs that of course I love and want to keep:

 Maiden's ring inspired by a time gone by

and the Fiddler's Labyrinth Ring which has a spinning disc- I'm so pleased with this design in a jumpy up and down sort of way and available to buy here


Betsy Jarvis said...

I adore the maidens ring! It's fab!!

Felted House said...

That's a really clever design for a ring with something to twiddle- shame I can't get one for my OH as he's the one who fiddles - when I first met him he had a piece of string in his jeans pocket specially for taking out and fiddling with! Your Folksy shop is looking great. I can't wait to see those curtains in situ, they make a good background for Pablo too although I hope he stops trying to sit on them when they're hanging up! xx

Betsy Jarvis said... are so easily amused!! ;-D....Pablo certainly looks very comfy on the curtains...he will be more than a little confused when they are hanging to the window!! bless