Friday, 23 April 2010

Calling All Crocheters & Knitters

I'm in urgent need of pattern ideas. I bought this gorgeous yarn a couple of years ago and I'm desperate to make something with it.
As usual with greens, the photo doesn't really do it justice. It's a gorgeous rich colour, 2 ply, 50% lambswool & 50% cotton which is incredibly soft. Pictured also are my newly purchased crochet hooks just itching to get to work, but for the right pattern I would knit with it. All suggestions gratefully received.

I also fancy making something with this lovely random-dyed cotton DK for the summer.

 I knitted a pair of socks here with it and now they've been washed, I think the yarn would look lovely with faded denim in the summer. Again, any suggestions please?

Finally, on the subject of fibre, here I asked for ideas with the coarse shetland-type wool I had. Poppy Cottage kindly sent me some bag patterns. One that she had knitted with a pointy bottom (the bag, that is, not her) sounded good, so I adapted the pattern slightly to include a flap and a shoulder strap. This is a photo of it drying after it's 2nd 60 degrees machine wash, stuffed with a football for shape. I've got a nice button to finish it off and still got loads of wool left. What do you think?


Ren said...

I would double it up to make it more of a DK thickness... Ren x
Lovely colour by the way!

Felted House said...

That bag's come out beautifully - sorry I haven't had my computer on much so missed your question about washing it again, but I'm guessing you did put it in again because you say it's had 2 washes! I look forward to squeezing it next time I come to feel its nice felted texture! xx

Cathy said...

Not being a knitter or crocheter I cannot help with pattern ideas Tammy. I absolutely love your coloured hooks though. That felty bag is gorgeous and the pointy bottom gives it a pixie type of look.

tammykingdon said...

Thanks for that suggestion Ren, I did think it was ambitious to use such a fine yarn - especially with me only being a baby crocheter.

Louisa - don't expect it to be your quality felting, but squeeze away!

Thanks Cathy -pixie was the exact look I was going for!

Twiglet said...

There were some fab jumpers and cardis yesterday - sort of lacey finish with pointy bottoms. Fine yarn in lovely earthy pixie colours - was just trying to find the stall name but will have to see if Wipso remembers the name.

Twiglet said...

Couldn't find the name of the lacey cardi folk but glad you found Kemps useful.

Poppy Cottage said...

Ha Ha!! I have a very ROUND bottom. Too many cakes!!

It looks really fantastic. i have to knit myself another one as I swapped my green one (although I can't remember what it was for!!)

Yes Boo is a house rabbit but is happier when he is in his cage. it takes up a lot of room but does mean the odd accident (like today of Josie's duvet) don't happen very often. if the cat litter tray is new then he will used that.