Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Sadim Touch

This is what I am naming the condition that I have this week. It is the Midas touch in reverse as everything I touch this week (creatively speaking), has gone wrong. I posted the 'rose red' dyeing episode that turned out streaky salmon pink earlier in the week. I was reminded yesterday that I promised to post the results of my 'batik' work - good or bad. Well, here they are:

Can you see the batik celtic designs that I painstakingly worked out ?
No, because you just about need X-ray vision to see it. They looked fine whilst they were dyeing, whilst they were rinsing, in fact up until they were dry when the images disappeared into the ether. Fortunately I had tie dyed the other side of the moon bag, but it was only meant to be the reverse side pattern; I guess I'll have to get the bleach out again
The other victim of my Sadim touch was a WIP (Work In Progress) to reduce my stash. I decided to knit/crochet some leg warmers to wear with my walking boots. Years ago I bought 3 cones of pure wool yarn which is extremely coarse and scratchy with bits of straw and stuff in it. Why on earth did I buy it? I hear you asking - because it was there, there's lots of it on each cone and it was only £1. It would have been criminal negligence to leave it there. The trouble is it's too coarse to knit anything that's next to skin so legwarmer/gaiter things sounded perfect. Fully revved up, I fabricated a pattern in my head and promptly made legwarmer number one. This week, urged on  by the return of snow, I was determined to finish the second one which I have been crocheting at night by firelight.
Having completed the first, I was a bit unsure, but determined to soldier on. When I got up this morning and looked at the two side by side - do you see what I see?
It's got about 10 more stitches in it than the first one and much bigger! There's nothing for it but to undo them both and think of another suggestion to use up this yarn.

The darkest one is the thinnest and coarsest with the palest one resembling uneven handspun wool, a bit thicker than arran weight. Each cone has 500- 700 grams on it. Any good ideas / patterns preferably not involving dyeing (ha ha!) please let me know.


Felted House said...

I can see a tiny-weeny bit of Batik pattern when I enlarge the photo - not quite the effect you were looking for?? Personally I really liked the effect of the bleach spiral you did on the other bag, but how frustrating for the batik not to have worked properly after all that effort.

My idea for your wool is to crochet baskets - all you do is do rows of double crochet using a hook that gives quite a firm tension (although you do need to be able to actually perform the stitch without wrestling!) - you do simple rectangles or squares and then just join them together into a oblong 'box'. I've done them out of string, both natural and that hessian string, and they look surprisingly effective - I can show you my originals or the book I got them from? You can even do a round one - they look good in neutral tones, which is what you've got - you could even hold two threads together and combine the textures within the same basket. My other idea is to crochet a shoulder bag - bet that would work too and there's bound to be a way of embellishing it that would enhance the 'rustic' nature of the wool. Or you could tie-dye it (joking) xx

Poppy Cottage said... have a look at the bucket bag (I have the pattern) I have just finished mine and am about to put it in the washing machine as i type. I think the wool is great, and should felt up lovely.

tammykingdon said...

Thankyou so much, both of you. I would love patterns if you have them. I hadn't thought about bags (doh!) - In my angst, I couldn't think beyond garments, but of course a bag is a great idea - the bucket bag looks almost good enough to sleep in, thankyou!

Felted House said...

That bucket bag looks great - I never thought of felting the wool after knitting it - I'll dig out the book with the baskets anyway but I think it's that bag you should go for! xx

maggie said...

If its pure wool...knit/crochet it and bung it in the washing machine ! job done. Good luck.
Dark of the moon phaze behind us now!.
New moon / chinese new year..metal tiger... so go get 'em girlie gggrrrr x

Kea said...

Oh, dear!

I'm just popping over from from Felted House to send a bit of cheer and encouragement. I'm not a felter, not an artist or crafter of any sort, but I certainly know all too well the utter frustration and (sometimes) despondency that can accompany projects-gone-awry.

So I'm sending you lots of positive vibes for successful creations!

-Kim in Ontario, Canada

tammykingdon said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone.
Kim, thanks for popping by and sending me much neede positive vibes!
Metal tiger eh Maggie- does that mean my attempts at jewellery making might be more successful? Ha ha

Twiglet said...

Hey Tammy! Positive vibes from me and Wipso too! Its funny how some days nothing turns out right but then other days make up for it so worry not. Just part of life's rich tapestry - and lovely colours you made too!! I started knitting a cardy for Wipso's grand daughter and unpicked it 4 times yesterday!!!It will be fine when I start afresh.

tammykingdon said...

Thanks from both of you Twiglet - I was starting to get anxious about starting anything new, but need to take the plunge- watch this space!