Monday, 8 February 2010

Hacked Off!

I apologise to anyone who tried to access my blog last week and got redirected to a rather unsavoury site - it wasn't me, honest!  It seems that someone hacked into my blog, did very techno things that are way beyond my capablities with the result that if anyone (me included) clicked on my blog, they were redirected to a yucky site via various 'red herring' sites. I felt quite violated and very angry. It's always been beyond my comprehension why people would use their obviously considerable I.T. skills to make someone else's life so much harder, costly  or unpleasant (or indeed all three). Thank heavens for Google- after some surfing, I realised that I had been hacked, but still couldn't find out how it was happening. In desperation, I removed all my html gadgets and that solved the problem, but apparently they can insert stuff into your header and all sorts - it doesn't bear thinking about. If any other bloggers have encountered something similar & know how to prevent it happening, please please let me know.
On a lighter note, youngest pixie face is heavily into baking at the moment, which would be great if her baked goods weren't turning out so damned good and if I wasn't heavily into eating them all! Last week she made coconut ice & I thought, that's good, she's into coconut, I'm not, I won't be tempted. Of course when it was ready, she insisted I try some, which I did - it was gorgeous!
Next we decided to use up some frozen blackcurrants we'd picked in the garden last year as they've been hogging space for more than half a year now.
We used: 4oz Margarine,
               4oz caster sugar
               2 eggs
               2-3 oz ground almonds
               1 tsp baking powder
               6-8 oz blackcurrants
               4oz self-raising flour
Make it in the usual cake way, adding flour last; use a spring-form or loose bottomed cake tin as the cooked blackcurrants will caramelise on the edges and stick like billy-o. Cook at gas mark 4 for 30-45mins until well risen and firm to touch - I used the blackcurrants frozen and it took an hour to cook. I figured it was quite healthy having almonds and blackcurrants in - almost diet food in fact, so I might have another piece!


Felted House said...

That cake looks fantastic - must be healthy surely, blackcurrants are full of antioxidants. I use ours in a very similar way and make muffins, they're more tangy than blueberry ones and people always like them!
Just for the benefit of anyone possibly reading this comment - I've seen people in blog-land saying they've had problems with the snowfall widget particularly and that anyone who has it should probably remove it for safety. Why people feel they have to target something so cheering I just cannot fathom. xx

tammykingdon said...

Thanks for the info about the snow widget - I agree, very sad. I would say I'm missing snow on my blog, but the real stuff is falling outside so that'll do for now. Yes the blckcurrants are quite tart - very similar to lemon cake (only one piece left now).

maggie said...

Cake looks yummy. Ah..sugar n spice and all things nice eh.! bless.
Glad that you managed to sort hacking out. Yes, I agree with you..the mentality of folk who do things like that..I cannot fathom either. x

Twiglet said...

That cake looks delicious - of course it is almost diet food - all that fruit!!!

tammykingdon said...

That's exactly what I thought - although my hips seem to have a different perspective on this issue

Cathy said...

Very sorry to hear about the hacking problem. I didn't realise it extended to blogs too. I know people have had their Flickr accounts hacked. Not sure how they get in though. I was interested to read that it might be the code for the snow which is completely lovely but if it is harbouring a problem I suppose it has to go. I am with you - these people have amazing brains and abilities and they spend their time creating evil viruses and things to cause trouble. Very, very sad.