Thursday, 25 February 2010

On a Roll

...or should I say a spiral? I'm drawn to curves. Maybe it's because I have so many of them about my person, but I find it very hard to incorporate sharp angles into my artwork. Perhaps it's because most of my inspiration comes from nature and there aren't many right angles there. Anyway, I make no apology for loving fluid shapes, especially spirals.

This is the elusive linocut that I mentioned in my last post, which I still haven't found. Although I feel quite virtuous, because my drawers and shelves are slowly getting tidied in my quest to find it.
And I'm still trying out  a practice run with floristry wire in my new addiction to jewellery designing.

This is an idea for a pendant:

..and I decided to embellish one of the ring designs with a piece of sea glass from the cornish coast:

I really like this, so I also tried adapting the design to make a pendant:

.. and I really like this too. I'm just wary of trying out proper work with silver as none of my projects have been free of Sod's Law just lately - send positive vibes my way everyone and I might take the plunge!


Felted House said...

Sending positive vibes!
Take the plunge with the silver in March - that's a new month, although it's a shame to wait till then really.
Very good designs coming along - I love spirals too. Hope you find the linocut soon, although tidying is always good! xx

maggie said...

Ummm...can I commission you to do me a small / simple lino cut ?...seriously.
Your jewellery designs look really good. I like the way you've incorporated natural elements. It's a designer's challenge to do this; as of course, as we appreciate, each pebble / shell / agate crystal etc are never twice the same. You'll be making fancy cabochons in no time ! I'll sort you out some dichroic glass ones.(among my
stash somewhere ! )
Well done

tammykingdon said...

I'll happily do a linocut for you Maggie -let me know what sort of thing you're thinking of. I'll do it in exchange for picking your brains about jewellery making. x