Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Bags of Bags

Last Friday after visiting my good friend Felted House, I arrived home to find a package waiting for me - don't you just love it? Even when you know what's going to be inside, it still feels like Christmas Day, especially when it's something to create with. Well my package was full of cotton bags, just begging to be decorated ready to sell at a craft market.

Here are some small drawstring bags that I sell as small gift bags or tooth fairy bags; some medium sized gift bags and some shopping bags. These are all in unbleached cotton, from a reputable company with good ethics and environmentally friendly products.
I also bought a couple of Thai Monk Moon bags to see how they go. I was quite impressed with these- they are double thickness cotton with an internal zipped pocket and secured with a wooden bead:

I have printed small bags before with a linocut image that have been quite popular:

But this time I thought I would dye some as well. As I was perusing the dyes, I found a 'rose red' that was reduced. Now I'm not a warm colour person, but do force myself to choose them periodically, because not everyone's taste is the same as mine. So today was a day to dye for. After much scrunching and tieing, I popped them in the machine and duly waited. Disappointment! It doesn't look anything like a rose:
...and as you can see, some lost their ties in the wash to boot. Those that were heavily tied look OK -
 not stunning as I'd hoped...

.. so I was forced to get some bleach out and play:

My dip-dyed  violet ones are much more pleasing to my eye:

I had to stop for the school run, but I've tried my batik stuff on a few bags - leave it to dry and then dye another day tomorrow. Will post the results good and bad.


Felted House said...

I love these pictures - where did you find that sun?! Did I miss it while I was at work? It feels like a new phase of productivity is getting into full swing and I feel quite excited about our stall even though it's a long way off. Those moon ones are a lovely shape. I like the bleached pattern too and look forward to seeing the rest! xx

tammykingdon said...

The sun came out about 2.15 so you should have seen it. As soon as it spotted washing on my line though it went away and we were in a snowstorm by 2.30!

Cathy said...

Sorry the dyeing wasn't totally successful. The linocut designs on the bags are lovely though, particularly the spiral.

tammykingdon said...

Thanks Cathy,
I still have plenty of undyed ones to experiment with linocut designs. I'll stick to my favourite colours in future though!