Thursday, 18 February 2010

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday wishes go to Benny Boy who turned 11 today. I think this photo goes well with the song "It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To":

His weeping eyes have surfaced in the last couple of years. The vet thinks it's some kind of allergy (probably all the dust in my house), but anti-histamine eye drops have proved useless, as has bathing his eyes with tea / salt water. The only thing that improves the condition is diving for stones in the sea! Bizarre, I know. If anyone out there has experienced something similar with an ageing dog, please let me know of anything that works as his eyes are the only thing spoiling his good looks. Ben came to us aged 4 from an older couple who could no longer give him the boisterous lifestyle he needed. In actual fact, he is quite calm and well behaved apart from cocking his leg up everything perpendicular, including jumpers for goalposts in the park and small crouching children on the beach (I know, extremely embarassing!), and it has been a privilege to adopt him as a family member.
I think all the partying is getting to him though:


maggie said...

Happy Birthday to Benny xxxxxxx

Show dog folk use various potions to keep their 'white' dogs's eyes stain free.. weak dilutions of... one or tuther to underneath the the eyes.. fresh lemon / sea salt; and some swore by chamomile eye drops (available locally to us) hope this helps xx

Felted House said...

He's my favourite dog! Happy Birthday Ben!
Perhaps you'll have to go and live in Cornwall so he can dive for more pebbles, although I would miss you terribly then! xx

tammykingdon said...

Thanks for the advice Maggie. I haven't come across chamomile eye drops. Yes, Louisa, moving to Cornwall was in my mind. Now you've suggested it, it's assumed almost prescription status!