Sunday, 28 February 2010

Deep Breath and Take The Plunge

Well I decided to do it. Convert some designs from floristry wire into sterling silver. I didn't make it easy on myself, I started with the thickest wire I had (1.5mm) and made 3 rings. The wire was not easy to manipulate, nor to beat in the round. But the finished product looks quite effective - I just need to polish them up:

I tried, half-heartedly, but I couldn't tear myself away and turned my attention to pendants. First, simple spirals (sorry about the blurry photo - I was obviously too excited)

Then some pieces incorporating sea glass from the cornish coastline:

This one has raised ridges on the glass - really unusual.

They are all quite small (2-3 cm max), but I'm not sure that really big stuff would work.
This last one is my favourite, it has kept some of its transluscence, so you can see the silver through the glass. I actually made it with this as the reverse, but prefer this view, so it's now the front!

For any of you that were wondering whether I'd lost my Sadim touch, no I haven't. I was crocheting a scarf out of random dyed wool. I started in rows, going up and down, but the 'random' pattern wasn't looking random enough for me, so I started crocheting around the edge to break up the pattern, but look at how even it's turning out:
There's nothing for it, it's got to be unpicked!


Felted House said...

Beautiful. beautiful silver spirals! I love that last one too - I'm so glad you've started properly - hope you're well and truly hooked and don't stop!! Those rings have come out so well in the heavier wire and the beaten effect is perfect. xx

maggie said...

Well done girlie ! They are beautiful.
And yes; it's a good idea to breathe..especially deeply !

Breathe in, breathe out, move on.! something different.
Maybe the universe is sending you a subtle hint to work with metals for a while, and leave the textiles on the back-burner eh ?

tammykingdon said...

Thankyou both. You've got a point Maggie, although I never thought of myself working with metals. At this rate, the textiles will be keeping me warm by going on the fire, never mind the backburner ha ha!

Jan said...

Love it Tammy!
Can you do rings with glass?
Can certainly think we can fill Gillies gallery glass stand next time!!
Thank you for today was just what I needed xxx