Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Things To Do With a Boiled Egg...

I have spent this morning beavering away with fresh supplies of silver, converting some more ideas into reality. Most of the time was spent making chains for the pendants to go on. I thought this would be fairly straightforward, but I'd reckoned without the fiddliness of jump rings - so called I think because they 'jump' out of your fingers and roll away to hide somewhere on the floor. I made a few more pendants, firstly incorporating smoky quartz from a beach-combing stint in Cornwall:

Then one with sea glass from the same beach-combing episode:
I really like this, so made a matching ring to go with it:

Then I decided to make a matching ring to go with the clear sea glass pendant I made at the weekend:

And a couple of plain silver spiral pendants:

Now these beaten ones I am going to try and oxidise. I don't like the idea of toxic chemicals, never mind the expense, but I've heard putting the piece in a container with a freshly boiled egg (peeled & split open) does the same and then I get to make egg mayonnaise afterwards. I'll let you know how it goes.

I was getting tired of the bolt clasps I was using for my necklaces, so had a little play at making my own:
With a little beating and oxidisation, I think they'll be perfect!


Felted House said...

These are fab - really like the matching set - I'm so intrigued by the boiled egg that I'm impatient for news - might ask chemist husband why it works. That first photo has a great background and looks really professional. xx

tammykingdon said...

Thanks, yes I quite like the background on that one - it was totally accidental, it's the view through the window onto the patio - the blue bit is the table tennis cover - all artistically blurry!

maggie said...

They all look ab fab. !
I remember my mum (many years long passed away) used to insist in NOT using the silver teaspoons for use with boiled eggs because it blackened the silver.
I used patina once or twice, but its not nice and it stinks !

Cathy said...

These are ingenious Tammy. I love the spiral designs. It is an image I often draw and doodle. I like the idea of sea glass too.

tammykingdon said...

Thanks Cathy, Yes I'm using up my sea glass at a pace so feel a trip to the seaside coming on..