Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Easter Jubilation

I was feeling quite festive at the weekend with the start of the Easter celebration. Pixie face had an easter bonnet parade which, as usual meant painting and gluing at a time when we should both have been in bed. The finished product turned quite a few heads:
Sadly, the prize for the best one went to a purchased-pre-prepared one. Needless to say I was fuming, but didn't let on to my little daffodil who very proudly sat on the front row in the church service blocking everyone's view.
To cheer us up and rejoice in the spring sunshine ( the first rugby match of the season where we haven't returned with hypothermia), I prepared a mediteranean-style feast:

Stuffed peppers, salads, dips, organic home made bread, frittata, spinach and feta pies - YUM!

But try as I might, my cheese cake would not set:

It did taste yummy though.

Followed by easter cakes for tea:

Yes, I did make more than three, 2 dozen, in fact. They just disappeared soooo quickly.

A friend gave me a little tub of fossil treasures to play with. She knows how much I like found objects and the challenge of incorporating them into my artwork. I've started by making some earrings with some:

I like the fact that each pair of earrings is two halves of one fossil..

..and so match each other beautifully, even though they might be asymmetrical individually.

Anyone know how old they might be?


Cinnamon Jewellery said...

Hi Tammy, you asked on my blog about the most popular bead colours when it came to earrings.
The most popular were purple, green and turquoise(my favourite colours!)
Tracy x

Felted House said...

Can I come to tea?? Your Cornishware and table look wonderful as well as the food.

It's a travesty that the wonderful giant daffodil didn't win. The same happened to me as a little girl. My mum spent ages stuffing old tights into an old stocking to make me a tail and we hand-drew and coloured a cat mask for Puss-In-Boots, (not an Easter competition obviously) and the prize went to some bought costume, she was very cross! xx

Cathy said...

I am off to get my tea - all the yummy food is making me hungry...lol. So sorry the daffy bonnet didn't win and how very short sighted of the judges to award first place to a bought hat. Anyone can buy a hat. No wonder you were cross.

tammykingdon said...

Thanks for your comments. I didn't particularly expect our bonnet to win (although it would have been nice), but there were a few handmade ones which had obviously taken time and thought and it's a shame that's not recognised. Rant over!