Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Proud Mother Moment

My chest is all puffed up with pride for my eldest daughter Phoebe at the moment. It often is as she is a good girl despite the obligatory 14 year old outbursts which incidentally are more often than not directed at her father or her brother (phew). My latest pleasure with her was watching her pass her black belt karate grading:
It's quite difficult to snap her as, like me, she hates being photographed; which is a shame because she really is beautiful ( not all down to me).
She's been learning the art of karate for almost 6 years, training 5 times a week so it was well deserved.

Today I took delivery of ear wires courtesy of Cinnamon Jewellery via her Folksy shop. She too seems to be addicted to spirals, but her work is much more refined than mine - ah well! I've decided that I should make a feature of the more rustic style of my stuff & I've set a friend the task of coming up with some marketing words that reflect this ( that's you Dave!).
Receiving the wires meant I had to spend a couple of hours making earrings ( I know, it's a hard life!):

Beaten Silver Spirals

My favourite: Sea Glass encased in silver wire with spirals

Another silver clay nugget ring:

And then I finished off a "proper" ring that I'd started at the weekend. This I cut out of sheet silver, soldered, retriculated & soldered more. I do like it, but it's taken an absolute AGE to make. I'll wait for your verdicts to see if it's worth the effort. I'm calling it my Lady Morgana Ring:


maggie said...

A hah...who's a clever silver spiraling gal then eh ! Your reticulated piece looks great, and with the granulation to. Well done girlie.
Congrats also to your daughter.

Felted House said...

So many things in one post! I'm really pleased for Phoebe - she is beautiful and deserves her black belt after so much dedication.
I love all these latest pieces. There is room in the crafting world for many unique styles and you have found one of your own that I think works beautifully - the style of the silver complements the sea glass very well.
Everybody has different tastes and I like the spiral rings more than solid bands, but I'm sure it is worth the effort because it's got a fantastic texture in the band and the design is simple yet interesting. But then I'm bound to encourage you to make an endless array of things as you know! xx

tammykingdon said...

Thankyou both. I might have another go at a proper band- if I ever get a spare day that is!

Cathy said...

Phoebe is really lovely Tammy and congrats to her for all her effort. Training five days a week is a huge commitment.

I love spirals and those earrings from Cinnamon are lovely. Very impressed with the silver band that you have created. Jewellery making sounds really difficult to me, and time consuming but the results are certainly worthwhile.

tammykingdon said...

Thankyou Cathy. I think as with most things, practice doesn't make perfect, but shows you shortcuts and teaches many lessons. Hopefully my practices will produce some interesting pieces.