Friday, 19 March 2010

In Praise of Bloggers

Just a few images of spring first while I've been out and about:
Growth bursting forth:

..and friends return at last:

Isn't blogland wonderful? I just wanted to share a couple of my experiences over the last couple of weeks. As you know I've been bitten by the jewellery-making bug but had 1001 questions about how to do things. Maggie who lives nearby and has made loads of lovely stuff kindly gave me a lesson in soldering and lent me some of her tools, despite the fact that I'm encroaching on her territory. She has been so generous, I wanted to send her a cyber-hug, as well as the lino-cut for her packaging that should look less blurry than this when it's printed up:

Secondly, Poppy Cottage who had offered a pattern for a bag, and I thought she would just give me rough instructions through her blog, but no, although we've never met, she very generously posted a selection of knitting patterns to me at her own expense. Thankyou so much, if I can ever return a favour, please let me know. And finally a mention for my good friend Felted House who offers me support, tremendous faith in my artistic ability amongst other things, and 'talks me up' ( to quote Lis) in a way that I never could but one I hope I can live up to. Bloggers - I salute you.

Now a sneaky peek at my first soldering attempts:
(Waxing and Waning)

I only pushed the earrings into blutack to hold them upright, but I just realised it looks like a funny face wearing glam rock shades doesn't it?

Two out of four being invisible isn't too bad I hope?


maggie said...

Ah bless you for my cyber-hug.!
I haven't managed to play with my lino cut yet, but will do so over the weekend.
Your jewellery designs..just like the spring time, are continuing to flourish. Well done

Felted House said...

I do like the textures on the silver and copper so much. The blue tac reminds me slightly of ET!
We all support each other - thank you for yours, and I'm absolutely certain you will live up to my faith in your artistic ability!! xx

Cinnamon Jewellery said...

Hi Tammy! I've just found your blog and become a follower :D

I love your photos, especially the top one with the reflections in the pond.

Try using copper wire to practice your wirework designs, it's slightly softer than silver and much cheaper (and looks pretty cool when it's oxidised too!)
Tracy x

Cathy said...

Your jewellery is doing well Tammy. Nice texture on the copper ones. I find bloggers to be exceptionally nice people and very willing to help out.

Anonymous said...

Tammy, I recognised the muddy pool instantly! I walk past there with Sid most weekends and always think the logs look a bit alligator like. x

tammykingdon said...

Thankyou Maggie and Louisa.

tammykingdon said...

Thankyou Cathy, I must say Blogland is restoring my faith in humanity.

tammykingdon said...

Welcome Cinnamon Jewellery, thanks for the advice. Is there a really cheap place to get copper wire & sheeting from?

tammykingdon said...

Katherine, absolutely alligator like. The amazing thing is I managed to walk past it without my Laborador throwing himself into its muddy depths!