Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Ta Da!

Yesterday I posted on the uses of a boiled egg. I thought I'd quickly share the results. Having boiled the egg, I peeled and split it open, placed it in a plastic container with the jewellery ( not touching) and placed it over the pan of freshly boiled water ( it works faster if it's warm).
Half an hour later, it was changing colour. I left it for another half hour and it was suitably tarnished:

Today, I have cleaned it up a little with a nail buffer and the results are:

I'm going to clean up the chain as I don't like it- it's too brassy looking, but I've got the desired effect on the pendants and rings:

Now I'm going to eat the egg for lunch.


Felted House said...

I commented on this earlier and it didn't save it. Perhaps I've commented on completely the wrong post!
Anyway, I think it's a great effect, especially like that ring, and quite amazing how an egg does it all! xx

Felted House said...

Ooooh I can sign up for e-mail thingies now too - how did you do that?

Poppy Cottage said...

Hello. The bucket bag was really good. I just have to remember where I put it then I'll take a photo. I don't think I was concentrating enough when I read the pattern as I ended up witha pointed bottom!!!! if you e-mail me your postal address then I'll post the pattern.