Tuesday, 10 November 2009


With a chance to exhibit in our local gallery fast approaching, I'm struggling to decide what to offer. People of Hinckey are, shall we say, careful with their money and have an eye for a bargain. So far I have sold linocuts and collagraphs through this gallery, but to be honest by the time I've had them framed & taken off the gallery's commission (35%), I'm getting paid a pittance for the work that's involved. So I decided to experiment with doodling on top of hand marbled paper:

This was the paper before I doodled on it. I looked for shapes within the marbling, and then accentuated them with Inktense crayons:
I could see celestial beings in this one

..and a horse / flames in this one.
I'm not happy enough with them though and I'd still have the cost of getting them framed AND it's Hinckley, not Glastonbury.
I've shied away from my medium of choice: oils, because I tend to paint on large canvases and the cost of the finished product with or without the 35% commission would be too high for most Hinckley folk. But I had an image in my head that I thought would be perfect for a small canvas. It only took about an hour, so if it's dry by next week, I'll submit it for the exhibition.

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