Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Feeling Cross But Christmassy Too

Well the gallery only accepted one of my pieces for its Christmas exhibition - the mixed media honesty seed heads. The reason I'm cross is that they rejected my linocut reduction because of a scratch on the frame. Now I know that when I handed the picture over to them, the frame was absolutely pristine ( I've past experience of their fastidious approach to framing and displaying in general - not always my cup of tea but don't start me off on that one), but I have no proof and that's why I'm cross- I do so hate injustice! To distract myself from this wrong doing, I just had to add snow to my blog. And here's a picture I took this morning when I was up well before the sun (thinking ruminating, bad thoughts about someone damaging my frame...)


Felted House said...

I'm never up before the sun except in the depths of winter! For some reason the photo makes me think of Christmas even though I don't normally associate cobwebs with festivities! Perhaps it's all the falling snow!
Roll on Friday when we'll go and drink the gallery's wine!! xx

tammykingdon said...

Yes, it does have a wintery feel to it as opposed to hallowe'en. Still, it takes very little to make me feel christmassy these days - roll on frosts and snow!