Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Er, Mayo Anyone?

Whilst making my mayonaisse today, I deviated slightly from my usual ingredients. Instead of using white wine or cider vinegar, I happened upon my bottle of balsamic. Now I love balsamic vinegar in a big way, so much so that, blinded by this love, I forgot about its deep rich colour. This is the finished product:

(The PVA wasn't an ingredient, by the way, I was multi-tasking and trying to combine artwork and cookery). The mayo tastes delicious even if it looks more like a latte.


Felted House said...

You are making me feel a teensy bit inadequate here, as I have never made mayonnaise in my life and always buy it! If there's any left perhaps I can try some next time I come (though perhaps not with my usual coffee!) x

tammykingdon said...

It's dead easy to make - and I'm not just saying that. of course you can try some, if you're not put off by the colour!