Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Life's a Beach

I've been struggling with this painting for a number of weeks now. It's a commission of a seascape and I must admit I've ended up painting something that isn't really me; in fact I've grown to hate it. I've now realised how tricky commissions can be. Previously, I've done portraits and they're fairly straightforward if a bit nerve-wracking, but a nebulous commission is one to be avoided at all costs. I'll post the progress of the picture just so you can see why I'm so fed up of it.

At this point, I'm quite pleased with the sky, the sea's coming on but not quite dramatic enough for me (the customer wants calm) and I'm really struggling with the colour of a beach at night. Living so far from the coast, I can't go and have a look, and I don't have much reference material, so I'll just have to use artistic license.
I've now realised in my adjustments, the skyline isn't level -aargh! After much fiddling (which you're not supposed to do if you're a proper artist), I've popped it into its frame and I'll let the customer decide.

After this fiasco, I need some artistic soup for my soul, so have spent some time looking at other creative blogs. One Pink Goose has some inspirational stuff featured in her blog and I loved the cushions from Rustique Interiors so a shifty around the local charity shops' bargain rails produced the following:
...a selection of skirts, shirt and trousers to be cut up and made into something to rest my weary head upon. That's if they turn out ....

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