Monday, 17 May 2010

I Blame Blogland...

Having a sparse wardrobe, I decided last year that I would convert my burgeoning stash (of yarn, fabric... in fact you name it I have a stash of it) into stuff that I could wear. I'd free up drawer space AND have some funky new clothes to wear, I told myself. The trouble is, since starting to blog at the end of last year, I've been bombarded with inspiration from all the amazingly creative people out there, and I have so many little time, but I am determined. The trouble is, as well as inspiration, also come links to fresh supplies usually on sale. It started with this from Kemp's Wools which I read about on Twiglet's blog. Well of course, once I'd made a purchase, I was on their mailing list and they very kindly let me know that they had many more bargains in need of a good home. I'm not sure what happened, but this was the result:

some gorgeous chunky wool to knit a hoodie for my little pixie face to wear on our camping trip in the summer (39p a ball!) and some absolutely divine mohair for me whose colour is even more yummy than it looked on the website (59p a ball).
So instead of my stash shrinking, it is in fact multiplying - which is why I blame blogland, nothing to do with me, it would have been rude not to make a purchase...etc.
All I need now is time and peace and quiet... well a girl can dream can't she?


Felted House said...

I've just ordered a couple of balls of the Misty so I can do myself some crochet mittens in the autumn - I couldn't bring myself to pay around £7 per ball for Rowan.
I've tried to split up and hide my various stashes on the top of cupboards and at the back of wardrobes,! xx

Twiglet said...

Thanks for the blog link -lol- I am feeling a bit guilty at tempting you to buy more wool!! I am just waiting for my next parcel - its such good value isn't it.

tammykingdon said...

I take full responsibility. Now I'm on their mailing list, you're off the (crochet) hook ha ha.

mythreebeez said...

I want to say thank you for featuring my hair clip in my dreanaid shop on your blog.
I am a newcomer to dreamaid,
so all publicity is very welcome!!
I am also new to blogging.
I love reading other peoples blogs.I have learned such a lot,so many good tips too,and wool bargains.
thanks again Jeanie x

Cathy said...

Good luck with the destashing Tammy...haha. That is the trouble with blogland. It is just too good for us. Love the colours you have chosen.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tammy,

how are the Honey Bears looking? x